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Kingdom of Araucanía and Patagonia, 1860-1862

French lawyer and adventurer named Orélie-Antoine de Tounens claimed the regions of Araucanía and eastern Patagonia in South America while visiting the region in 1860. Mapuche tribal leaders elected him to the position of King, possibly in the belief that their cause might be better served with a European acting on their behalf.

The flag was created by Orélie-Antoine. It it reported that the flag first was blue-green-white, but was changed to this order later to make it heraldically correct. The origin of the colours seems to be unknown.

Efforts at securing international recognition for the Mapuche were thwarted by the Chilean and Argentinian governments, who captured, imprisoned and then deported Orélie-Antoine on several occasions. He did not receive further punishment because he was deemed to be insane by both Chilean and Argentine authorities and sent to a madhouse in Chile. King Orélie-Antoine I eventually died penniless in France in 1878

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